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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a secret stash of cash or a secret account?

I was recently rewarded $100k in a class action LS that I started before I met my husband (8 yrs ago) He doesn't know about it

I have a separate bank account that I would keep my side job money. I currently have 4k in there, I've told my wife cuz I felt weird not having her know completely. It's in account she has access to but we never use so at any point she could have seen it at any point

6.4 million in stock Market. Spouse has no clue

Don't anymore but with an ex I had a bank account cuz I had a bad feeling then found out he was cheating and used it to restart my life

i have been trying to get a money stash setup For over a year. I need to get away from my abusive wife. But she always finds it

I have about $300 set aside consistently that my hsb doesn't know about. I use it for coffee or other treats 4 myself during the month

Always had at least 500 in a stash because my ex was awful with $$.

I have about 16,000 that my husband doesn't know about. He's a BIG spender and I'm saving it in case of an emergency

Spouse knows I day trade... but doesn't know how much I've made doing it (over 6 figures in 18 months)- plan is to use it for our first home

I have an account my husband knows about but doesn't have access or know how much is in there. Saving up for a house. He is bipolar and would spend it.

on the opposite side. I know my husband has a secret stash--- It's stashed in his drawer. I found it putting laundry away. Close to $3k.--- I don't think so. I think he feels good knowing he has it. I pay all the bills and it gives him spending money. At least that is what I am hoping

well I feel sheepish. Dang 6.4M good for you. I'm about to get 80k. Wife thinks it's 30k

saves up to 35k havnt told my husband about it just holding on to it as a good fat cushion

Last year I started saving without tellin wife Up to 25k. Just in case funds. She's horrible with money and just can't wait to spend. Drives me crazy!!

had 1500 in the bank and 2500 cash stashed no debt the pandemic hit had to bust it out now trying to work the stash back up

my boyfriend had 220k in a rainy day fund. After 17 years of building that up my boyfriend realized his exwife blew through it. They're now divorced

I stash random hundreds from my husband, because his family is always asking to borrow money and he isn't good at saying no. I stash it to make sure we always have grocery money available

My dad takes care of all of the bills and handles the bank account. My mom withdrew $200 from. Their savings and found my dad had squirreled away over $12,000 in that account.

I have an account that my husband knows about but he doesn't know how much there is, I'm a kind of person that likes to have control of money and make payments on time but my husband is a compulsive buyer that when he wants something he buys it and later I'm the one that says "told you you should of check other stores" but that account is the one that has saved us from missing a payment because he spent money he shouldn't have.

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