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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

I am re-watching Dexter. Got to prepare for the new season

Charlotte Cardin and her new album. Especially the song passive aggressive. It goes great for your Tuesday show! Amazing voice.

Smartless podcast – Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Sean Hayes

Bricks Corner Pizza

The Holistic Mother – Instagram

Caffe Molisse

The Lifetime Store

hotworx! I love it!!!

Shadow and Bone on Netflix. Filling my GOT fantasy hole.

the book called Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King

cold season2 episode 6 is now available for free on amazon music. Justice for Joyce. Thank you for the support!!

built bars especially the raspberry flavor

on my radar is Foam Dance Parties with Foamtastic Bubbles! Check out

a podcast called counterclock. It covers the murder of the Palley family, happened in the 80s. Detectives think their son did it..

MayMoe's restaurant in Logan. Southern Cajun & Creole food. Every time we visit Logan, that's our go to place to eat!


Check out @the_clay_pigeon on Instagram. She is super talented and is a local Utahn! Go give her some love!

radar @organizewithtracy on insta she organizes pantries beautifully and im reduing my pantry and its looking amazing right now, she's talented

Weller's Bistro in Layton. German food from a guy who's from germany. It is freaking amazing. I could eat it all day everyday

the cheesecakes at Costco. The love it so much

Erica from the zoo is performing at the Layton Amphitheater this coming summer!!!!! I'm excited to go listen to her!

on my radar La Luna Herbs

Radar cause I know u wanted this; SB trenta cold brew, shot expres, SF vn, SF cinn dolce, heavy cream, almond milk

On my radar is ghost hunting with ghost hunt USA, just did one in Colorado a lot of fun with my daughters but it was really really cool lots of action and just a really fun experience planning on going to Idaho now, there is a group of us and it's gonna be a blast

On my radar. Radio free mormon podcast. For anyone struggling with questioning the church this is a very far insightful podcast.

Lost hills podcast – iheart radio

love the podcasts Morbid they're hilarious. And Real life ghost stories

The Secret of Whales on Disney/National Geographic! It is AWESOME!!

on my radar, my favorite murder podcast. THE BEST

"Broadchurch" on Netflix Grabs you from the first episode. You'll love it!

Weirdest thing...undercover detectives AT MY WEDDING hoping to take down my Bro in law. He came at the end and they took him down. He was a "cook"

Behind her eyes – Netflix

The great British pottery throw down – HBO Max

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