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TEXT TOPIC: What is your toddler meltdown story?

My toddler has a melt down every time dad or mom uses the bathroom. At home or anyone else's house. But never in public.

Last night my "toddler" demanded I make his car payment... Hahaha. Friggin idiot

My 4 year old daughter had a melt down because she wanted pink teeth.

3 yr old freaked out over getting told he can't brush his teeth while eating dinner

3 yr old meltdown yesterday because I wouldn't let her bring home toys from preschool

When my daughter was 3 she demanded to wear her swimsuit everyday. So we let her, when we went out it was under clothes.

Tantrum because I wouldn't let her eat the dirt off the plant neighbor came over because she heard all the screaming I had to show her that my daughter was not being murdered

My son had a tantrum last night @ target because I wouldn't put someone else's baby in my purse for later.

Why are the ritz round and not square?!!! WAH!!!

I want to redo bedtime mommy L

my niece was about 3 and freaked out one night when she went outside and the moon was not full! It was broken! Dad fix the moon! It's broken! Huge melt down!

my 4 year old had an hour and a half tantrum because we told him he couldn't have a pop tart for dinner after a whole day at Disneyland!

my toddler just threw a giant fit because I wouldn't let him just hold his vitamins when he needed to eat them

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