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TEXT TOPIC: What is it that you need to get off your chest?

hey boss yelling at me and calling me homo isn't gonna make me work faster it's not my fault you can't do your job. I can't wait to go to hr

hey soon to be ex wife, when i try to talk to you and you keep blowing me off, just say we're done, don't keep me in limbo so u can play the victim more.

my ex and I are still battling In court for custody. Can he please get over his narcissistic ways and do what's right?

I cannot stand people who are driving in the left lane and going slower! Come on peeps move over especially idiots on mtn corridor

please if you are going to wear the same clothes to school all week make it unnoticeable by showering and washing your clothes because you stink

Charolette its called wireless headphones! Stop walking the store playing your crap music that no one else wants to here!

you're a true narcissist saying your boss is paranoid even though he knows you're stealing from him. Can't wait for you to be fired.

fooling someone who trusts you and gives you their whole heart, only makes you the fool.

Hey, neighbors. Pick up your GD dog's poop. I'm going to return the next pile in a flaming bag on your porch, you lazy moron!

dear soon to be ex brother in law. If you can't even go to the mandatory zoom mediation how do you think you're gonna get full custody?--- it's zoom for goodness sake! You don't even have to leave your house

mountain view corridor is not your personal race way there is a posted speed limit it's not a suggestion.

Bieber, nobody cares how rich and lonely you are!! What an awful song!

hey Dr I get you're busy BUT you have over 2 million out in unbillled charts. Some over 30 days. Dictate your effin charts!!

hey hubby quit posting non stop on IG, YOU aren't cool.

Look, I understand that its construction season and freeway traffic in my area is being detoured, but that doesnt give you the right to throw your garbage all over my running trail. Pigs.

Pay attention @ 4way stops! Don't be texting & and throwing off the flow not knowing if it's your turn or not! That's how accidents happen!

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