Frankie and Jess

Frankie and Jess

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TEXT TOPIC: What is your unlikely hobby?

Professional tattoo artist by day... and my hobby is I love teaching people how to cook with air fryers and instant pots

I'm "hood" poly but I play the viola and can vibrato with the best of them. LoL

I am a quiet, Catholic Sunday teacher but my hobby is gory special effects makeup and costume making

Hi I am an IT Guy, I'm a huge bitch. 6'7" 300 Nona damn business lbs but I road race cars. People are always surprised.

I'm a diesel mechanic and the hobby or talent i got it's ok I teach Zumba online. I'm really good at it

I'm a shy Mormon girl, but I LOVE & collect all things Halloween! The more gory, realistic & morbid the better.

Shirt and tie professional by day, spray paint artist on the side

I am a 6'4 bearded knitter. Go check me out on Instagram @the_beardedknitter

I'm a librarian and I play the drums in my families garage band

I am a pretty nerdy kid but i am 19 years old and i fully built a motor and cammed it for my 1979 ford thunderbird.

I'm a 5'4" blonde girl that's usually in a dress, you would never know I'm into punk rock and screams music

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