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TEXT TOPIC: Is your significant other jealous?

My husband GPS tracked my car had me physically followed Cloned my cell phone and put a key logger on my computer. I had my suspicions but I didn't know any of this and till he died.

Started dating a guy, been a few weeks He offered to take my garbage out. I had recently gone through old cards & thrown out old ones from an ex. New guy dug thru my trash & confronted me about the cards. We broke up immediately.

My ex husband was such a jealous person he did not want me to work because he thought I was flirting with men.

I made my husband, of one year, unfollow all of his ex girlfriends. I don't want him to have any reminders of them.

My ex was so jealous I wasnt allowed to watch Jake gyllenhaal movies because hes my celebrity crush and he thought I would cheat on him if I ever met him. It would really piss him off if I had his movie on

My husband made me quit my absolute favorite job because he thought I was flirting with my co worker

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