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TEXT TOPIC: How was your weekend?

My son sold his condo and is buying a house. Spent my weekend helping him move and then cleaning . Took all weekend.

I had the honor of watching my 17 year high school senior Sydney graudate for Weber State University on Saturday.

we bought a new 2021 Honda crv!

My weekend was horrible someone turned left in front of us as we were going through a green light in totaled my car

Got my second rona shot Saturday and was sick in bed all day yesterday.

my dog bit someone yesterday :( they are ok thank goodness, but im so unbelievably angry about the whole situation.

We tried bricks corner pizza. Awesome. Then we tore out our kitchen from 75 and updated. So much nicer.

After 3 years and 2 right total knee replacements, I rode my bicycle again! Ne back to 26 miles a day soon!

This weekend I was checking my bank account and had an extra $350 in it. I was super confused but it was from a return I mailed in almost a year ago.

Had a Cinco de Mayo party. It was so fun and food was amazing! It feels so good to have normalcy again.

Hugged My grandparents for the first time in a year. It was amazing

I snagged a grande size minky for $88! Thank you for the as is section in the store! New giant blankets always make for a great weekend!

We live in CO but was in UT for a week for our daughters wedding! It was beautiful and was able to see family we haven't seen since Covid

I got ENGAGED! So so so happy

This weekend I Found out I won the Mom, minky & me!!! My daughter and I cannot wait!!

Crappy weekend our dog passed and a close family friend was ran over at work and killed.

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