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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

Bricks corner pizza – 7th east

Mighty Ducks on Disney Plus

Papillon on amazon prime

The tv show Shadow and Bone on Netflix. Based off of a book series

creating fun and cute labels for friends and family to put on any and everything

freeze dried skittles from the website plant kandy

I haven't tried it, but I am dying to. My coworker told me about it, it's called Los Tapatios- they have Barrio tacos. Hard to find in UT. 9th W 100 N SLC.

I am into Bargain Block on HGTV. It's a new show about renovating starter houses in Detroit while they live in them

I am in love with the song The Sound of Silence by Pentatonix. Can't believe there are no instruments.

SEVEN BROTHERS in Saratoga! Worth the drive! Best Hawaiian burgers ever! Check it out!

On my radar is "Your Honor", on Hulu!! Soooo good!! Bryan Cranston.

The oaks restaurant in Ogden canyon! Food is great and you can sit outside by the river. Coolest spot! Only downside(for me)-no alcohol. It's a must try!

Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade

What's on my radar. A&E show called "I survived a crime". Excellent show. So intense.

la garnacha restaurant in Herriman, legit the best authentic Mexican food in town

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+ it's SO GOOD I hope there's more seasons or even a movie coming

TikTok. I'm a late bloomer I know. Finding exmo tiktok has been so good for my mental health!!!

Billy Eilish's new album dropping in July!!!!!

i have been in love with Tappo slc great food and drinks

the eclairs from Carols Pastry Shop

Christopher's in downtown slc the beef tenderloin omg

Corner bakery Café

love Ashley Brooke on Youtube. I've been obsessed lately! She's a fashion girl who lives in NYC but is from texas. her vlogs are good too!

The Park Café across from liberty park

I tried a Crumble cookie over the weekend.. holy Moses those things are amazing!!

La Casa Del Tamal has the best tamales!! Located at 2843 S 5600 W West Valley City, Utah

"Big Shot" on Disney +

I was in Oahu in February and are at 7 brothers burgers it was amazing I ate there twice in two days!

Burly burger in Ogden. So yummy. And it's a local restaurant.

Handmaids Tale new season....holy shiz. It's such a good show

Beauty and the baker on Netflix. Funny show!

Le Caille epcottonwood canyon it's expensive but so good went there for my 5-year wedding anniversary

La casa Del Tamal in West Valley They seriously have the best tacos I've ever had in my life! Check it out!

Anything by Audio Chuck or narrated by Ashley Flowers. She is the one that does Crime Junkie Podcast. Red Collar & Anatomy of Murder are some of my favs

Authentic NY pizza at Villagios in So Salt Lake YUMMO!!!

hruskas kolaches. They are magic. If you haven't had them - I'm bringing y'all breakfast tomorrow. I'm super serious!

Cher and the loneliest elephant. Such a good documentary. On Paramount and Hulu.

Fore Lakes Golf Course in Taylorsville. Best greens and family friends course!

I have a dog who is my baby and shes getting up there in dog years so I wanted to get some good photos taken. I found Fuzzy Love Photography and I am in LOVE with the photos.

hulu Handmade's Tale so good Binge watched 3 episodes after midnight when it became available on hulu today

Grove market and deli hidden gem. Sooooooo good. Talk about eating a sandwich the size of your newborn

My family has been obsessed with the taro Boba and lemongrass pork Vietnamese sandwich from Saigon sandwich. Theyre in Sandy.

on my radar...Dirty Money on Netflix. Exposes a lot of the white crime going on in our society. Crazy and disturbing!

top golf got to go if you haven't. I'm a server there and it's a family friendly party all day everyday. For ALL AGES

Colture couch Podscast On all pod cast platforms. Supper good listen about pop colture

The other place. Such good Greek food

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