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TEXT TOPIC: What is coming up that you are looking forward to?

going to lake Powell and Cancun in the next two months. We haven't vacationed since 2018 so we're making up for lost time.

25 days until my tummy tuck!! 7 kids! I am sooooo excited!

I'm looking forward to my son graduating this year. No more stressing over homework or grades!! My work is done! Lol

41 more days til hawaii sooo excited

I'm looking forward to going to California, to see the in-laws, or we Mother's Day weekend because I am getting time off of work YAY

can't wait to pick my son up from school! 7 days; 1 hour; 20 mins! Hahaha been a long freshman year for me!

husband and I are going on our first cruise to Alaska! Saved up and paid cash

Class of 2021!!! Hunter high school baby !!!!!

I'm getting married in 100 days to the love of my life

girls trip to Cancun we leave tonight!!!! Mama definitely needs this drinks and beach and good music

after 8 years of school I am walking for graduation this weekend for getting my Masters degree in business administration

planned a trip with friends to Salem MA for Halloween, so exited!

Looking forward to FanX in September, it's my motivation to get into better shape. Also going to Bear lake in August, much needed vacation!! :)

Looking forward to my 15 yr anniversary in June. Hubs and I going to Hawaii for the first time. This girl needs a serious vaca!!!

I'm looking forward to the new Loki series on Disney Plus June can't come fast enough!

looking forward to our family vacation to Florida.

Just found out I'm pregnant again! Looking forward to holding my rainbow baby due this Christmas after we lost our 3 month old last year.

My mom's 80th birthday party tomorrow and this weekend!! Family coming to town for it. She's the best lady on Earth!!

First time homebuyer and building a house. Will be done in Aug

surprising kiddos with a trip to Walt Disney world next week

Excited to graduate from nursing school next week, hardest thing I've ever done especially through a pandemic! Love your show!

In June im going on 1 week trip to michigan and wisconsin with webb tours--I knew ud ask. webb tours of slc: Frankenmuth, greenfield village, henry ford museum & automobile plant, mackinac island, worlds biggest christmas store

What I'm looking for is a family reunion in June

my daughter is getting married next Saturday and I get to watch my grand baby while she's gone on her honeymoon??

Taking the family next week to Florida for the first time Doing universal studio sea world and boating wish we could take you guys with us love you guys and listen to you all 4 hrs for 10 yrs now Listener Nette

Getting married in July!!! ??

Flying to Texas the middle of May to see my daughter, son-in-law and grandsons. Come home for 4 days then fly to Disneyland world for 2 weeks. So excited!

taking our "new to us" boat out this weekend for a trial run. Then a weekend booked at bear lake in a month with a large group of friends and family, so excited!

looking forward 2 friend got suite Jazz tickets from work 4 game next week. Can't wait 4 girls night out!

I look forward for my mail lady girlfriend Lacey to come home everyday. I love spending time with her and I love her so much. Also I'm looking forward to going to Dallas next month. Haven't traveled in couple years. 2nd time on a plane. Should be fun.

going to Moab next week, first time

looking forward to Jamaica on Saturday!

so excited to be putting in a pool! Supposed to start construction in September, but might be as soon as July!

Tuesday my 4 year old and I are heading to Florida to see Grandma for the first time in a long time!

heading on down to New Mexcio to visit Friends next week for a two week Holiday! Going to Carlsbad caverns and Roswell while we are in NM! Can't wait to go! Have not had a holiday since 2018. Oh and I'll be listening to you guys down there!

I love being able to afford to get my lashes done every two weeks... might sound lame but it makes me feel good about myself and even better that we can afford it now!! (i recently moved to Fillmore, I'm 32 I've been listening since I was 11! IHeartRadio is How I listen everyday! You guys are amazing!!)

I just got hired onto my dream job (I was just an intern so I didn't know if they wanted to keep me) and in a couple of months, we will be talking about a big raise! I'm so excited!

Italy next year! Boston in June.

Heading to the big Island of Hawaii next Saturday.

going to kanab today with the razor!!! Woo hoo! Have a great weekend! Love u guys??

November 2022 Carnival Celebration inaugural cruise from England to Miami (two weeks ??)

just celebrated 40 yrs of marriage. just got back from Moab. Rented side by side and went on Hell's Revenge (worst thing ever for me) after we left Hell, we just rode around on normal trails. That was fun

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