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TEXT TOPIC: Tell us your #2 story!

i was throwing up yesterday and I pooped my pants as I'm holding my hair back. FOOD POISONING IS NO JOKE

Very strong antibiotic plus stairs equals a soft serve style bum hole.

when I was a kid I did #2 in my great aunt's condo pool. I don't have a lot of memories of her but I remember the angry look on her face!!! Terrifying

My son consistently has softball sized poops. I don't know how he does it.

My four-year-old went to go wipe all by himself, and used the so many flushable wipes I had to take them out of the toilet

my kid has blown out on me at least 3 times at restaurants all before the food came. Started bringing me a change of clothes when we went out.

my 2 year old pooped during her nap, then finger painted with it ALL over every surface of her room, for a week I kept finding hidden pictures I had missed

New mom baby was 2wks go to change butt PROJECTILE POOPS all over himself &me nobody home to help I yelled IM NEW!

Our dog had a blowout at 3am in the morning while we were camping, it was all down my back and my husband bolted out of the tent and was gagging. We had to throw away the two top blankets, my pillow and open all the windows to air out the tent.

adopted an anxious dog. She had RUNNY poop for like 2 months. She pooped in her kennel multiple times, on the floor of the bathroom and front door. It was nasty!

Out dog made herself sick with worry because we were moving from California to Utah. When she realized that she was coming too, she relaxed but had made herself sick. She pooped liquid in my brothers truck. He drove with his head out the window so he could breathe.

while I was in labor I went. unfortunately it was right when my poor husband was getting in position to catch the baby. So it got all over him.

Two years ago some men came to work on our backyard fence. We found a PILE in our backyard next to a spreadsheet obviously used as a wipe. Hubby called the workers the next day, and they admitted the new guy did indeed take a dump by our garden shed. We got 20% off.

my kids were in the play place at Carl's Jr. where some other little kid had messed down the entire slide. My kids came out smelling of poop and we noticed they had slid right through it! They left with no pants on!

Some of us can't handle certain foods. When we need to go we NEED TO GO. Please get off your phones in public restrooms. We need to put up No Loitering signs in the bathrooms. No Toi-Loitering!

so I'm a twin my mom told me when me and my brother were probably about 1 I decided to smear my poop all over his face yeah he had two pink eyes apparently

we were moving into our new house and my husband said he had to go to the bathroom. All of our stuff is still in boxes. I didn't hear my phone, 15 missed calls. Called back, he said he had an "accident" and is in need of new clothes and is trying to shower in our place that we have no soap, and I had to give him some of my clothes since his were in boxes. Never letting him live that down. Almost peed myself

I pooped my pants in the Salt Lake airport while I was 30 weeks pregnant... my mom had to bring me clothes to me in the bathroom while I was sobbing

my daughter had a blow out on me at my sister in laws wedding dinner, got out of the limo and poop all over me

my son tried to wipe himself got it on his hand and apparently instinct was to lick his fingers. Only reason we found it was evidence on his face we found.

not long ago and I'm 30 at the time. One night I woke up in the middle of the night I woke up and had exploded everywhere.

felt the urge on a drive home, thought I could wait but miscalculated the need and while pulling 2 toddlers out of carseats I lost control. Had to cleanup with an audience asking why mommy forgot her diaper.

brand new nurse on labor and delivery and the patient had a #2 that was almost as big as the born. Later the doctor asked me how the color was. I told him "pink" and he laughed so hard. Said he'd never seen pink poop. I though he meant the color of the baby.

my grandma passed away this past summer and at her service we were all sharing different stories about her and my uncle got up and told the story about how when I was a toddler we were all at the BMX bike track that used to be in Ogden and I guess I had to go really bad and my grandma was right in the middle of talking to a sponsor about my uncle and I kept bugging her and bugging her and finally I just reached into my diaper and pulled out a handful of poop and handed it to her right in front of the sponsor..thx for sharing uncle Ki lol

My brother when he was about 7 or 8. Would hold it b/c he was playing nintendo. He went poop and when I saw it it was big for an adult. It was so dense it wouldn't flush. My dad had to cut it up with a butter knife. Such a big poop for a little kid.

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