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TEXT TOPIC: Is there someone you dread to be around-Awkward Conversations!

My whole family

can't stand to be around my MIL!! she acts like she's a 12 y/o girl, and if it's not her way she won't even look at you.. grow up!!

Its like pulling teeth talking to my husband. It used to not be like this, but now I dread him getting home now. SO AWKWARD.

My Boss. He is a bit socially awkward, everytime I have to sit down in his office I get anxiety.

every single one of my in laws! But they are that way with each other too! Sibling to sibling it's awkward and kid to parent it's awkward!

I have a neighbor - our timing doesn't match at all. We both pause, then talk over the top of each other. There's no other way

and my other bro in law is the sweetest man every answer to every question is GOOD. It's so hard to find something to talk about

My sister-in-law called me and then doesn't say anything

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