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TEXT TOPIC: Have you been held up at gunpoint or by a knife?

2004 robbed at gun point when I was 17 working at my mom's grocery store. Walked in, said sorry I have to do this to you, and pointed a gun at my head.===robbed at gunpoint in 04 when I was 17. Walked in said sorry I have to do this to you and pointed a gun @ my head. He took out landline and maybe $200

my mom worked for a convenience store and was robbed by gun point and it turned out to be a kid that hung out with my niece.

Robbed at gunpoint as a bank teller. The robber with the gun was 13. It was a take over the older gunmen knew the 13 yr old wouldn't get in as much trouble

I was robbed at taco shop graveyard shift at 10 at night by knife. I was pregnant so I gave him everything. He robbed 3 other places same way- 6 years ago

My SIL sister works at a bank that was robbed while she was there. ?? I would have peed myself if I were there lol

I was working at an insurance office some guy came in and held us up at gunpoint got $41

Our gym in was robbed last week at "gun point" the dude said he had a gun under his jacket & took $20 cuz duh, we're a gym. Then 2 days later we were burglarized. They got on the roof, pushed over the HVAC unit, dropped through the skinny opening & through the ceiling tiles, then dropped 15' to the ground. Again, nothing to steal, we're a gym!!

I worked at a taco place in California. 5 gang members for initiation came in to rob us. Held a gun to my head made me give money from safe and all registers

Robbed at my bank 25 years ago. He had a note. I didn’t see a gun. I stepped on the silent alarm and gave him the dye pack. He was caught 2 hours later

My husband is a pharmacist, they've been robbed twice. And there's also been people that may make threats to come in and harm them because they're upset about meds. Or insurance. So now he carries a weapon on him at work.

grandpa owns his own business guy came in at like 6 in the morning held him up at gun point, grandpa told him to get the hell out of there that he worked to hard for his money and he would have to pry it out of his cold hands, guy left with nothing. Grandpa is now 90 years old and his service station is still running strong no one takes from Neil Draper

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