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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over your weekend?

The weekend sucked. My daughter had her second accident in 6 weeks. Wreck the car again, the one I just got fixed. Down a car now, which means I had to drive to Boise and back yesterday. #Grumpydad

Almost walked out of my PT job, BF moved in and next weekend Vegas

Put in my 30 day notice at my job of almost 14 years over the weekend. Will be getting the keys for the building my new business will be at this week.

Boyfriend and I went shopping at Fashion place mall this weekend and as he was waiting in line to buy a yellow Jazz Hat at Lids a nice lady that was standing in front of him bought it for him . We have no idea why ! Maybe pay it forward ?! shot out to that lady ! Thank you! ????

My little boy won his 1st baseball tournament this weekend!!! They worked so hard and it was amazing!

Helped coworker move, bbq, wedding shower, wedding and lots of yard work on Sunday.

Best weekend of my life got all settled into our new home and got our first puppy.

I chopped 16 inches off of my hair this weekend. I've had long hair for years and now it's above my shoulders. No break up, just felt like a change.

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