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TEXT TOPIC: Having a hard time with the Ex being with someone else?

We have a friend that was divorced probably 6 years now and she can't get over the fact that he moved on. He cheated with the same lady he's with now. So that's hard but she needs to move on!

Having hard time getting over ex - NO idea why the relationship was very short, but she's moved on. Just knowing she's moved on and to whom bothers me. Not looking forward to running into them as the weather gets better. Small Lake City is bad but we're also part of the gay community which makes it smaller

Ex married 8 mo's after breakup. Thought he was my forever; struggled 4 awhile. Together only 5 mo's but intense & fast. Breakup almost 3 years ago.

ex cheated, then started dating her days after we broke up after 7 years. Now he won't talk to me. Not even about our kid for her.

ex left me at 5 months pregnant and now he's engaged, they got engaged with a few months of dating. Struggling with that.

10 years with my ex husband. We blended a family, added 1 more and 1 month prior to our 10 year anniversary he upped and said he was done, wouldn't say why. It's been two years and I'm still not even

ex got on tinder, had a girl over the same day we broke up after a fight and he took all my money after I paid for everything& left me stranded in Vegas

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