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TEXT TOPIC: Are you experimenting with an open relationship?

My husband and are have been talking about being in an open relationship. We almost attempted and it did not go well. Rules no falling in love, no alone time with that person, no pregnancies, no stds

Emotional relationships are off limits. But open sexual lifestyle with rules works great for us and has actually brought us closer.

Girl here.been married more than 10yr.Hubbs and I like to venture and have 3somes with a girl. Very committed and happy. We both like it.

My wife and I are in the process of looking into bringing a sugar baby into our relationship. On seeking arangments. No concrete rules, just told each other we need to communicate if we end up unhappy. Been married for 17 years, and we have 1 kid.

my ex step dad got remarried over the weekend. He and my mom were married 20 years. The min he and my mom broke up, deleted and my siblings from his phone and when I text him he said who is this? Haven't spoken since. It's been 6 years

My hubby and I are exploring an open reationship. We have a bumble account together, and dating on it. Been married for 5 years and we don't have kids. We wanted some time just us b4 kids. I asked first.

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