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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a cussin' kid? LOL!

friends kid inhaled helium from a balloon and said "y'all mother F’ers need Jesus" We all are great influences haha

my husband was spraying for ants and our 3 yr old walks up and says "daddy? What the hell are you doing?" Add 3 ye old sass to it!! Learned from her dad

Dropping kid off at school, idiot cuts me off. Me: Freaking idiot! Kid: Yeah, freaking a-hole!! Kid was 4. I died. Bad mom. Lol!

my 1 and a half year old says shiz-oh instead of uh-oh. Oops lol

my 3-year-old daughter told me to shut the f up. She learned those words for my husband

was watching Hamilton and he says "And in the damn fool that shot him" and my 3 yo at the time said "he's a damn fool"

apparently I have honked my horn and called people dumb assess way too much because now any time my one year old hears a horn she yells "dumb ass!!!"

my daughter's 1st concert was Eric church there was a shirt that said Eric effing church she kept screaming it over and over. me trying not to laugh

I was late driving to my daughters dance competition, and was groaning saying "come on, people, go!" My 5 year old in the back seat yells out "Move Bitches!" I have no idea where she learned that from (I was totally me! ???????)

My then 4 year old out of nowhere said "what the F*%@" at the dinner table with us and my parents

my fiance said f** you to his phone the other day, then turns to our toddler & says don't say that, she then repeats f** you

My dog was begging for food at the table and it makes me so mad! I told the dogs to get out!! My then 2 yr old stands up and goes.....a-holes!!!

We were driving around looking at Christmas lights. Out of nowhere my 2 year old daughter yells "f***ing snowman" out the window! She screamed it. Would you like the video? ??

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