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TEXT TOPIC: Did you have to move because of a neighbor or stalker?

I had to move so my abusive stalker ex couldn't find me and my kids. It took over three years of proof to get a restraining order and it was easier to move

lived in a condo that the front door faced the neighbors front door with a small yard. They were always sitting outside smoking, seriously always. So every time we wanted to play outside with our son, or barbecue or anything, they were just THERE staring at us. We moved as soon as the lease ended. So awkward

We know people who had to move because they could not stand their neighbors also known as their....INLAWS ??

when I was a kid, we moved every year because my dad ALWAYD found something he hated about the neighbors. Loud music, barking dogs, porch lights left on. Ridiculous.

my gf has abusive ex. we moved and changed her number. He would spam call and text for hours everyday for months and still sends fb messages on new accounts

Our neighbor was in a band, a screamo band. Would practice from 1am-4am in the morning. We just had a baby...couldn't do it anymore.

My Neighbors were partiers. Bass all night long, even on the week days! I work early, so couldn't do it anymore.

My ex boyfriend and three other roommates were sleeping and there was a home invasion, they had guns and hit us with a bat. After the hospital we went and grabbed a few things and left so much. There was blood splattered on the tv and stuff so we left that to! Scariest thing that has ever happened to me

Had to move twice as a young single mother because I had two neighbors who were older men, always trying to get me to come to their house or waiting for me outside to come home or mow the lawn. When I'd blow them off the stalking got worse. One guy kept telling my kids he bought them toys but they'd have to go to his house to play with them. Another guy reported me to the city for owning a pit bull. I didn't know Springville had breed restrictions. She was my baby and my protection and the cops made me give her away. Got a boxer/pit bull mix after that and moved as soon as my lease was up.

lived in an apartment and my older neighbor kept coming outside naked or standing in his open windows with the lights on naked! My daughter was 3 at the time so we moved...

had a couple of frat boys move in to the apartment next door, so my wife, son, and I bought a house. ??

I am currently in the process of looking for somewhere else to live because my neighbors fight and scream at each other every single night to the point That I have video footage of her standing on his car in my front yard while he's trying to drive away. They have broken my wall Decour from throwing things against the wall They are psychos!

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