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TEXT TOPIC: A turn off when you are looking at an online dating profile?

dating turnoff- pubic bone pics from guys

men with dead animal pics

if there's more than one fishing picture, I swipe left

when one or more of their profile pics us just a selfie of their pet.

Gym selfie, not a drinker, "ethically non-monogamous" too many outdoor pics, blurry profile pic, too many emojis...

when i see some one who smokes, automatic turnoff!!

They have sunglasses on in every photo. Saying they are looking for someone "fit". Gym selfies.

don't mention you having a parasite. Like, ever.

anyone that says they don't want drama, actually love drama.

shitless pics! I feel like it's a good indicator of the kind of interaction the person is looking for

Gym mirror selfies. I hate them

Anyone who has an eggplant emoji in the bio, that's a no!

pictures of you with your car. Girls don't care about your car.

on a dating profile please don't show your shirtless gym come off as conceited and a douche.

Men w/ guns. Their latest hunting kill.

The guys who have only head shots or don't say their height are usually short.

pictures working out. Muscle pictures

this is fun thanks guys love ya!! Any guy posing in gray sweatpants is overly confident in his package

A profile with no picture. I like to see who I'm talking to. And when we are on a chat, don't ask my how big my boobs are! Sicko!

snapchat filters on profile pics. I'm not looking for catwoman or a MOG (half man/half dog #spaceballs)

party, drunk drinking pictures

Bad spelling and grammar.

when they over sexualize their bio for instance " I'm good at doing this with women," instant turn off because then seems all they want is woohoo.

Dead animal pictures & too many activities (ski, waterski, hunting, fishing, etc) when would they have time to date if they're so busy with their activities?

Maga Hat. Instant hard pass.

when a guy has a picture of other woman on his profile. Or he's fanning money in a picture. Some guys suck at taking selfie's!

holding a cigg – no thanks

affliction jeans. Let's throw in affliction t-shirts as well. Nothing says I'm a single dad in Herriman, going through a midlife crisis, like Affliction clothing.

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