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TEXT TOPIC: What cool memorabilia do you have from someone famous?

I have an autographed poster of Stein Eriksen says "keep smiling"

I have a baseball signed by the cast of sandlot. Also have a picture with them. Was at the 25th anniversary of the movie

I have a poster signed by Yao Ming. It's cool because it's rare. He wasn't supposed to sign anything unless it was approved by China

my brother has a suit worn by Samuel L Jackson in a movie. My parents gave it to him for Xmas about 20 years ago.

My dad met O. J Simpson the week prior of the murder of his wife. O. J signed an autograph on the back of a receipt.

Derrick favors signed shoes

I won the suit that Halle Berry wore in the first X-Men movie back in 2000

A signed "boy george" poster from our meet and greet at the Maverik Center - I made it into a shadow box with the photo and our VIP badge/necklaces.

met Steph curry and got him to sign a rookie card for me

have a a shirt signed by kirilenkowas well as one of his signed shoes

T shirt signed by Jon Bowzer got to hang out with him nicest man

Super Bowl 27 replica signed by Emmitt Smith Professional baseball Louisville Slugger bat signed by Tim salmon Signed Shaquille O'Neal basketball card signed by Shaquille O'Neal Kenny Bernstein signed poster

got a hat from the French bobsled team and they all signed it during the 2002 Olympics. He then had to buy a new hat!!!

have my great-grandfather's oscar for special effects for movie Reap the Wild Wind. He also did the original War of The Worlds.

met JC Chasez at your studio when he released his album. I was sitting at the first table he went to. I had him do my voice mail message. He said this is JC and Monti is busy right now she is in the shower. So leave a message but not a long one no one likes that. After he did mine they told him no more doing those. I had that as my outgoing for 7 years till I switched phone carriers.

My mom has a basketball signed by the 1997 Jazz team. Karl Malone, John Stockton, etc.

When I was 3 I went with my family to the old Salt palace to see David Copperfield. He signed the back of my shirt. I'm 38 I still have it.

my grandpa collected OLD school sports memorabilia. Signed pair of Muhammad Ali gloves, a pair of Carl Malones signed shoes, and so much more!

personal letters from Ronald Regan to my dad. He was in public Relations and showed him around a bit when he visited SLC, also White House Christmas cards from the time he was in office.

Collector card with a piece of Judy Garland 's scarf in it

autographed 23 karat gold Jordan card and my favorite is a signed softball from the 98 snow college softball team. Lol

have a signed guitar from Dave Matthews

have a drum stick from Tommy Lee of Mtley Cre from when they played at the Power Plant in 1994.

Ex husbands grandmother dated Elvis Presley. We had a piano that Elvis had played on.

my parents have John stockton's old car phone from when my dad sold him a car.

My hubby has a signed photo of Arnold Palmer, Gary Player & Jack Nicklaus, from that last time Arnold teed off. Also baseball signed by Michael Jordan.

Hubby also has a signed script from the Dud Bowl episode of Married with children. Signed by the guest star football players.

My Grandma was good friends with Julie Newmar and she gave us a bunch of furs she used in Batman. I'm all about PETA but can't seem to get rid of them.

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