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TEXT TOPIC: What happened to the ring when your engagement ended?

my ex asked for the ring back. i gave it to him. he then proposed to his new fianc who he cheated on me with WITH THE SAME RING

Gave that ring back! Didn't want any ties with that CONTROLLING NARCISSIST!

I gave it to an ex boyfriend so he could propose to his new girlfriend. They are now married and she has no idea the ring used to be mine.

I don't understand why you'd want to keep a ring from a canceled relationship

I was engaged in high school and he ended up sleeping with my best friend. I had taken the ring in to get it cleaned and I just left it there.

I found out he got someone else pregnant so I gave it back, he gave it to her a month later

I threw it at him and then he spent the next hour (at 2am) searching for it in the dark.

An engagement ring is a gift. You don't ask for it back. If it's not a gift, and comes with terms, don't give it.

I gave the ring back, I don't need that type of negativity in my life. He was a jerk, he gave it to the girl he cheated with, he's not original lol.

1st engaged in 2000. Broke it off. Kept the ring. And still wear it as a right hand ring 21 years later. That ex is one of my best friends still.--my ex husband knew all about the ring I kept and wear on my right hand. He didn't care. Currently looking for my next guy ;)

I've had two engagements that have ended and I've given both rings back. No reason for me keeping it, the relationship was over!

I took my ring and gave it to my lawyer as a retainer for my legal court battle... so in a sense, he paid for BOTH of our lawyers LOL

pawned it for 100 bucks and left it there it was appraised for $8,000

Having been in the jewelry biz this is a VERY grey area of the law. The break-upper can sometimes play a part in the decision but not a given.

gave my wife of 14 years a ring and after we split i took the ring back, she didn't deserve it anymore

kept ring and sold it to get back on my feet after running back home to Utah

I found out my ex husband gave me the ring that he gave to his ex fianc. I found out by trying to trade that ring in after the divorce they said he bought it 2 years before we got together.

the rule of thumb I've heard, and I think works for what to do with the engagement ring, is that the person who calls off the engagement loses the ring. So if someone is cheating, that is considered not wanting to get married, or if they get cold feet and call it off, they're the ones who lose the ring.

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