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TEXT TOPIC: Did you accidentally send an inappropriate text to someone?

I sent this picture to my sons baseball team chat. I was sending to a guy i was dating at the time and miss sent it!!--It was a meme that said I'd like some sexy neck biting , hair-pulling, Butt spanking, back scratching sex please. Lol!!! Yeah it was embarrassing!

I sent 'I love you' to my girlfriend. Then told her, 'wrong person,' as I meant to send it to my mother.

Called in sick, 20 min later accidentally sent my boss, 'Got my fishing rods lined up, beer ready, boat is in the water. See you at the dock in 20.'

Buddy of mine sent a Snapchat to me on purpose of him on the toilet but it glitched and it sent without the sticker he placed on his junk

GFs name was next to my Boss' name in phone. Sent pic with googly eyes and a leprechaun hat edited on my penis, with 'Can I find your pot o' gold tonight?'

I thought I was talking to my now wife however I guess it was my little sister. I asked her if she wanted to take a shower. FML awkward she just laughed

In a moment of insecurity I texted an ex, asked if I was good in bed..his name was next to my uncle in my phone.

was sending a downstairs pic to a bf at the time and sent it to a male friend instead had to continue seeing said friend we just don't talk about it

my BIL's mom texted him "sorry I woke up with D" instead of "I woke up sick" poor lady is like this older Swedish lady

my husband sent a sexual photo to his coworker instead of me. We have the same name so I see how it can happen but still.

Old BF sent a D pic to whom he thought was me. Reply was I don't think this was meant for me but wow, nice! Maybe we should get to know each other.

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