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TEXT TOPIC: Who is never invited back to your house?

my BFF of 30 years! She has too many kids that she let's run wild I have a kid friendly house to a point

my mother in law. First thing she said when she walked in was, "I would NOT decorate like this"

Sisters BF. He is SO disrespectful & thinks his behavior is not wrong. Threw a huge fit w/the whole fam @my house last thnxgvg. Love my sis but Never Again

drunk brother! Never again!

brother in law and kids. He doesn't pay attention and last time they ran through my house trying to kick my dogs (my babies). He wouldn't try to stop them.

my brother because if you allow him to have ONE beer, he starts helping himself to the whole box to the point where he drinks all of them

my MIL. Me& my hubs were in a small argument she butted in. Hubs asked her to leave. She started screaming at me & swung a punch at me w/my baby in my arms

I have a friend who was doing the mattress mumbo in my guest room and left his used condoms all over room

my friend... I love her, but she comes, with her 3 girls and the girls constantly want snacks. I'm fine with one or 2, but every 5 minutes? That's not the biggest problem... she NEVER LEAVES!!! I'm talking 1:30, 2 am!! She just keeps talking about the same things over and over... her ex, how everyone pisses her off... she also just SHOWS UP without calling ??

my ex bf and I had moved into a new house and we decided to have a party. This girl got so wasted she almost puked IN MY FACE luckily I ducked and she splattered the wall behind me. After that she went outside and face planted it into the snow.... not fun having to be a babysitter haha

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