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TEXT TOPIC: Money accidently deposited into your acct? What did you do?

My son had over 143,000 put into his account. He called the bank and let them know.

I had $538,000 deposited into my account by my credit union. I called and they couldn't figure it out for a while. but ended up taking it back.

I had $21,000 deposited into my account unexpectedly. Found out I had a long lost uncle who put me in his will.

a few years ago my paycheck was 5k higher than it should have been. Asked my boss and he'd gotten me a bonus that I technically didn't qualify for!

as a payroll admin, it sucks on our end when you're the one that made the mistake. I once paid someone an extra $16K thought I would be fired but wasn't!

Money wasn't deposited into my account on accident but taken. Someone set up a mortgage withdrawal but put it on my account. Very stressful 24 hrs

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