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TEXT TOPIC: Anyone famous go to your High School?

More infamous and famous but my uncle went to high school with Jeffrey Dahmer.

Went to high school with a friend who recently discovered tiktok fame! And he kept it a secret from me - so I'm putting him on blast! @pandiroo

Went to the same high court school as Alice Cooper

Same class as Bart Johnson (dad in HS Musical) went to wasatch HS in Heber city.

My little brother played sports all throughout childhood with Taysom Hill in Pocatello Idaho

West High Alumni...Larry H. Miller, Tony Finau, Michael Chen.

Went to HS with Neleh Nielson from the first season of Survivor. She was #2 at the end.

My husband went to high school with Ty Burrell at Hidden Valley High School in Grants Pass Oregon

Famous person for Ogden was Cindy Brimhall. She is redhead in black bikini in Van Halen California Girls video

i went to elementary school with JJ Watt

I went to high school was in a class with Stevenson Sylvester who became an NFL player

My hubby went to summit high like Kylie! He's older than you but grew up in Kamas. Jonathan Hernandez. That makes you the famous one. Haha!

my mom went to school with the beach boys and dated the drummer and my grandpa went to school w/lucille ball

Went to high school with dalton shultz from the cowboys. He once got caught cheating on a test in history and was dumbfounded.

Natalie Williams WNBA and Olympic Volleyball went to high school with my husband at T-ville

Nick Roach (used to play for the Bears) was in my brother's high school class in Milwaukee, WI

Went to High school with Daniel Sermon from Imagine Dragons. We had choir togther.

I went to high school with Kaycee Stroh she played in high school musical.

The high school I went to is the same school that the Dixie chicks went to.

Frankie I just started watching the serpent. Since you recommend it. My goodness it's soooo good. I'm on episode 2. - long the listener since 2007

My younger brother went to school with David Archuleta.

Went to Murray High with David Archuleta !

Almost every Instagram famous person that lives in Utah, I grew up in Davis County with. Lots of them I went to either jr. High or Highschool with.

Jeremy Renner went to my highschool in Modesto, CA. He hated it and tells everyone to get out of that town

Went to high school with gov Spencer Cox. North Sanpete HS in Mount Pleasant

The second gentleman of the US, Doug Emhoff went to my high school. Lincoln park, heather graham, Justin berfield

I went to high school in Miami. ( Miami Coral Park Senior High) And Gloria Stefan and Jose canseco went to school there before me .

I went to the same high school as Shawn Bradley. He and my uncle played ball together.

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