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TEXT TOPIC: What did your kid or pet ruin?

Banjo Kazooie game had over 100 hours on it played pretty far in the game and my son deleted the game when he was like five

my son gas ruined 3 car stereos by feeding coins into the cd slot shorting them out we didn't know what was going on

my son w/ autism has smashed 7 iPads at school, has carved designs in his wood daybed, smashes glasses for fun

nephew took a hand saw to my sister's brand new cabinets

our dog chewed up the cords/ power to our AC unit and the next day chewed the water lines under our camping trailer

My son broke his wrist and got a cast. First day of having it on, he took his casted arm down the side of my car leaving a long very noticeable scratch

my large parrot destroyed my phone just last month $1000 I was so mad

My dog Lifetimes tude of my grandma wedding shoes that my mom was holding on to. That was just the 1st of many episodes with her

my dog ate all our seatbelt straps when we left her in the car for a few minutes . $1000's to have replaced

my parents owned a couple of dollar stores it would bring home the money at night our baby boxer got into the till and had money thrown all over the house

my nephew broke a 55 inch tv. He was "playing baseball" and after he "hit the ball" he threw the bat like the baseball players do and it smacked the tv

my daughter took apart my auto start key chain because she wanted to see how it worked. My automatic start never worked after that.

my brothers daughter scratched I love you with a rock into his brand new car.

our dog dax chewed up my husband's going headset

Right before we were about to sell our Explorer. Our 3year old scratch a line all the way around our car.

when my daughter was 8 she was making "YouTube videos" and dropped my nonwaterproof phone into a sink full of water!

my daughter took a black permanent marker to my aunts brand new custom white couch

ugh everything. We've had to replace our floors our trim around our doors multiple times--this is my dog btw not kid lol

foster mom of raccoons. They tore the phone apart! Started with the speaker and took off the screen, now they dive for phones

my daughter had a magic Rock she called it my family came over for dinner and she proceeded to scratch seven different cars with The Rock

I had just bought I new pair of leather scriptures. I got home from school and my dog had devoured them!! I've always said that dog was going to hell. ??

my kids have destroyed 7 big screen TVs in the 10 years we've been parents and 4 bed frames

my kids broke my 80" tv and only had it a day. My jumping around and hit the dresser and it came down I cry

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