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TEXT TOPIC: Are you working at your dream job or working towards it?

Dream job is to be a nurse practitioner, not there yet, but I just got accepted into nursing school :')

Currently been at my dream job for almost 3 years. I work in a Specialty Court for the severely mentally ill.

I didn't realize that what I was going to do as a side job turned out to be what makes me the happiest. Cleaning houses

stay at home mom!!! Has always been my dream and I have been lucky enough to be able to do it for the past 7 years!

I start my dream job on Monday. CEO of the company I have worked for for the past 11 years!

I love my job! I'm a CNA and I work in assisted living with 17 of my grandmas and grandpas!

I got to work in Radio Marketing and sales for 39 years it was an unbelievable dream job for me loved my clients loved my coworkers

worked for vets and boarding facilities for the last 14 years. In a month I'm finally opening my own doggie daycare/boarding facility.

as a recovering addict myself I'm fortunate enough to have my dream job working with other recovering addicts at Odyssey House

I'm a stay at home mom. My husband and I made the decision that we would never put our children in day care. So he got a job, in his dream job, so that I could stay home. Not many are lucky to do this. So I'm grateful

my dream job was being a mortician. I had to stop for a bit and I miss it every single day. Loved the medical side of it and helping those hurting. I'll get back someday. Love jess dove

I have my dream job and feel so lucky! I'm a full-time real estate investor that makes 6-figures a year. Aiming for 7-figures a year in two years. I LOVE real estate. It allows me to be home full-time with my toddler which I also love! Best of both worlds!!!

I have part of my dream job and working to get it all, I work in accounting at a great, big local company started from my the bottom and worked my way up now I would love to get involved in more of the international stuff

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