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TEXT TOPIC: Who is the most stressful person in your life?

my cousin,is having fam issue, no DL,I have to take him everywhere on my free time when I work, have school &2 toddlers.

my mother, she's homeless and lives in a motorhome she's had two fairly huge surgeries in the last year and half I am always working she going to get hurt.

my "boyfriend". He can't decide if he wants to commit or not. And I know I should just leave, but it's so hard.

My ex- husband because he is obsessed with money and is always threatening me with court. Been divorced for over 10 years

Everyone stressing me out! We did a frozen embryo transfer last week. If I hear, "do you feel pregnant yet?" I might throat punch 'em.

my children! Haha ??

my boss is the most stressful person. She is stressed herself to the Max and she stresses everyone else out around her

My 16 year old son is what is stressing me out. I'm dealing with court for dirty yard because of his POS Ford!

My special needs son!

work partner is a bitch. She shuts ppl down. Ruins our chances to get teachers to work with us.

We work with the same kids but in front of admin she always says I, me, my instead of our and we

my boss, acts like a child and won't confront me about issues that he has with me

the most stressful person right now is my husband because he is working out of town during the week for the year and that leaves me working graves and taking care at our kid's solo

DCFS is my stressor right now. Whole process of adopting is broken.

MY BOSS!!!! I am one person doing 4 different jobs with no help and wants me to hurry hurry

My roommate. She is always complaining about my kids. She is also so paranoid about someone breaking in and killing us in our sleep.

my husband. We got in a big fight Monday, he's giving me the silent treatment and sleeping on the couch now. It's making me stressed and I'm really hurt.--we got into a fight because he was gaming with his friends and I lost my temper trying to deal with the baby and the housework. He was embarrassed

my husband. He can't seem to figure out whether he would like to keep his family, or the other woman.

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