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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

The masked singer season 5 is on my radar. Always surprised when the people that sound amazing are people you would've never expected

Straptank pepperoni pizza and beers!!! Also their house made soda

radar BARRIO surf and turf TACOS!!!! It's like an orgasm in your mouth!!!

Demi lovato "dancing with the devil" series is amazing. I'm obsessed with her latest album. So raw and vulnerable.

crystal stones with their different energy and healing properties and also I have become obsessed with meditation!!!!

Netflix show called This is a Robbery. About an art robbery.

watching the Cecil hotel on Netflix

I second the movie I Care a Lot. It was the best movie I've seen in a really long time. Complete mind eff.

The TV show Big Sky! It's such a good show and is finally back on!

cold season 2 justice for Joyce! Gotta keep getting it out there??

The redemption out in Harriman great food great atmosphere great crowd.

this is a robbery is about the worlds biggest art heist in 1990 in Boston. So good.

Tuk Tuk, has the best thai food--if you don't like spice just ask for 0 just let them know you don't like it spicy. Oh and it's by the maverick center in WVC

Movie: I care a lot

The serpent - netflix

Bloom.Blush on insta

Gutsy_mom on insta

Radar Starbucks Venti Iced americano, 2 pumps SF vanilla, 2 pums SF cinnamon dulce, heavy cream, 3 stevia, with Vanilla cold cream. Obsessed!

coconut Flan at Sonora Grill in Ogden..Amazing!

Snake Discovery on YouTube. It's an addictive and educational channel that shows different snakes and reptiles including hatching eggs!

the conspiracy sea show on Netflix is on my radar. I'm a meat eater and I'm not eating fish anymore

Money Heist on Netflix

What's on my radar Incusions it's a Rock shop in Brigham city

Burly Burger new location just opened on 12th street in Ogden. HOOKED

Squirmy and Grubs on YouTube they bring awareness that even if you're handicapped it does it mean you're special needs

my work brought in lunch from a Vietnamese spot in Sandy. Saigon Sandwich. Oh man the lemongrass pork sandwich and noodle salad were sooooo good!

so I just want to let you know about my niece that has started her own business and she's had it for a while she makes everything organic and everything from her house she's got everything from lip balms to creams for pain for your body deodorants soaps and she's even got teas that are also all natural that have different kind of flowers that are dried and she got different packages and you also get 50% off if you send back the container that you've got the original product in and she'll give you 50% off on your next purchase if you send it back because she's all about saving the planet and reusing and recycling and her company name is called Tess Essentials

Dutch Bros! Mango smoothies and Vanilla chai are the bomb!

crime theories podcast takes cold cases I have never heard of some are even here in Utah

on my radar is the show Man With A Plan on Netflix with Matt LeBlanc. SO funny and relatable!

Firefly lane – Netflix

Fear City – Netflix

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