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TEXT TOPIC: What is an awful smell that triggers a good memory?

The smell of exhaust. Reminds me of boating at Lake Powell.

I love the smell of southern California smog. It takes me back to childhood vacations to see my grandparents.

Cigarettes smoke, every time I smell it, it reminds me of my LDS mission in Brooklyn, NY

Stinky smell is manure but reminds me of going to my gramma's and grandpa

Lake stink. My late dad used to do a lot of causwayprojects at the GSL. Lost him5 years ago yesterday. –Heada

onion fields. They stink but I grew up by a lot of them and it reminds me of my childhood

Sewage- reminds me of when I was young and living in Nepal (there for dad's work)

for some ppl its gross but I never considered that but old ppl smell reminds me so much to my late grandparents and I just feel like they're hugging me

I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, but it takes me straight to Disneyland so it's a fond memory

when I get a whiff of a cigarette it takes me back to my childhood because of my grandpa

nail polish remover. when my great grandpa was sick with alzheimer's he would paint and remove polish on my nails for hours at a time.

I grew up in Idaho and worked during potato harvest. The smell of burning brakes, diesel, and dirt takes be back to the fields and potato cellars

silage.(cattle feed) Worst, rotten smell ever but reminds me of home..

altoids. My grams constantly sucked on them to cover her cigarette breath. 10 years since she passed i get a whiff t's like I'm back in her arms

my nostalgic smell is cigarette smoke, reminds me of my grandpa and childhood trips to Vegas.

burnt toast reminds me of my grandma.

My husband loves the smell of skunk because it reminds him of hunting and being outdoors with his dad

Garlic. I use to live in Northern California and when we'd drive to southern we drove through Gilroy in the dead of summer. Overwhelming smell of garlic.

wet dirt reminds me of growing up in the desert

Wet dog. Reminds me of when my puppy would come in from the outdoors. I miss him terribly.

Cigarette smoke reminds me of my childhood & my late Mom

That musty mildewy old basement smell. Remind me of pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland and my grandma's basement.

Cow smell driving in old Draper before all the buildings

Copenhagen reminds me of my dad!!!??

Love the smell of farms because the manure reminds me of spending two summers in high school with horses

prank fart spray. Makes me gag, but it reminds me of having fun and playing pranks with my older brother before he passed away

gasoline daddy's little girl. I always jumped out of the car to help my dad fill up the car.

my family ran sheep. We lived in the mountains of Idaho in the summer. I don't mind the smell of skunk. I enjoy the smell of a semi. It reminds me of shipping sheep. Which was an event for family and friends in July.

cigarette smell. Reminds me of Vegas. And moth balls. They are so stinky! But reminds me of grandma.

Gasoline, my brother had an old Honda car that reeked of gasoline that he would take me school in. I was always so worried i smelled. He passed away 2 weeks ago

mentholatum and chewing tobacco, my grandpa always had mentholatum on and had chewing tobacco and so when I smell that it takes me back to before he got sick

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