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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive Text?

It's NOD your head for yes and SHAKE your head for no. Don't know why this bugs me but it does

I hate you for mixing my lego sets together!!! I've had to spend days having to sort out and count and separate several large sets

the reason I never come around is my biracial child6dont need to listen to your racist comments. Idc if you're fam

Don't block the intersection! People drive me crazy with that. Pay attention to your surroundings!

If you aren't going to pull up in the drop off/pick up lane, at least pull out in the bedroom. MOVE FORWARD

I know that you think you need to be drunk when you clean but you really shouldn't clean while drunk it sucks

Brother thinks he's perfect because of college but he's 30 and lives at moms

I am NOT a "lazy learner" #LDSCHURCH ??

my best friend in the world just asks SO DITZY when we hang out with guys and it's so annoying

I can't believe what you've done to our boss. After everything he's done for you. I can't wait until you get fired and lose out on the best job.

Stop driving like a freaking entitled driver!!!

I know you are my sisters ex husband but you are still my niece and nephews dad. You don't have to ignore me when you see me at the store.

Don't tell a child it's ok to not wash their hands if they are in a hurry. Telling them how much germs can skin really hold? Ewww.. wash ya damn hands.

To my boss: I shouldn't have to beg for work! Most people here are lazy! Here's an idea: Employee Appreciation!

stop popping out and playing your fake tooth in your mouth while talking to people!! You can hear when it pops out GROSS

just because I'm 10 years younger than you doesn't mean I don't know what I'm doing. Respect my ideas. I'm trying to help improve things at work

Co-worker stop talking about your fianc and calling him fianc no one cares

please if I give you my password please don't look at my search history

I hate when my siblings hog the TV

To Richard-I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Oh, have I mentioned lately that I HATE you?!

passive aggressive Tues people that get offended by everything. Words are just words. Its You that give them the power

Don't call me and talk about how you'd do anything for your kids. There is a reason I have custody of them.

Carpool drop off is not the place to do your daughter's hair. Drop off and get the H out of the way!!!

Are you together or not?! This wishy washy BS is pissing me off! Get your crap together!

Utah, Speed limits are not suggestions why do you think the laws don't apply to you??

help me around the house. It's not just my job. Our 5 kids are ours. House is ours.

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