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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have someone's old number and people keep calling you?

so I had this new number and got so many nasty texts looking for this girl and put it out on fb and small valley in Logan got her causing drama

---I called them out ok being nasty hos and I guess it was word of mouth that made them comment on my status and they went at me when I never knew them lol

I have my ex phone cuz I paid for it well he still gives the new girls that number so I tell them exactly how he is and what kinda person he is

I get that the pop machine is running low, or that they need to order more stock. I also got an older man calling 5x in a row asking for the same person I had to keep telling him it's his phone he changed his number but he'd call back and ask again. No idea who the guy was

I've had the same number since I was 15 and at 31 I got a new number. 100s of people would text the new owner of my number. They all would tell me he would have convicted with them about how many wrong numbers he would get. So I decided to text him and give him my new number. Turns out his name is faliciano and my name is felicia lol

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