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TEXT TOPIC: What happened when you were watching a friend pet?

Watching my parents dog, my dog snapped at him and he ended up losing an eyeball

my mom was watching her neighbors dog and it threw up everywhere and then had a seizure.

I went on vaca my was watching my tropical bird and in the winter he turned the heat too low and killed my bird I was 14

watching my sisters pets.. my niece's cockatiel died about half way through the 10 day vacation. They waited till they got home to tell her.

went on vacay and my friend came to dogsit. A few days in I get a call from the shelter they had my dog! Friend didn't know he was missing

my ex was watching my 5lbs dog and she ate a piece of pot brownies, threw up the entire night and was high for almost 3 days lol

I was watching my neighbors dog and it had diarrhea in its kennel and when I let it out to clean it up in ran all over the couch and floors

I was in charge of feeding my mom's Shetland pony while she was on a long vacation. Could have sworn she said to give him 2 quarts of grain per day....turned out it was 2 cups. I turned him massively obese.

Typically I would take my goldfish home with me in a jar in college. One time, I asked my "friend" in college to watch my goldfish and she let another student put an aspirin in its tank. Twenty years later, I'm still upset.

my grandparents were visiting. My kids had Ferrets, super cute pets. My grandpa was pretty old and Had been raised on a farm. One day we were out shopping and he called us and said, some varmints got into the house but don't worry I took care of them you don't want to know...

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