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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over the weekend?

got new windows scheduled for our house. Can't wait to see the money we save on electricity!!!

this weekend was my hubby and my 11 year wedding anniversary and we did dinner and a movie with the kids and it was fun

on Saturday the wife and I did some spring cleaning. Cleaned the patio, garage, and deep cleaned the house. Such a relief!

awesome first date!

This weekend I bought a new Tesla and I'm loving it.

This weekend we surprised my mom with her mom being here from AZ for her birthday. It was priceless!

went to Lava Hot Springs

this weekend I got to meet my niece who my sister gave up for adoption 22 years ago.

found out I'm 6 weeks preggers. Baby is currently 7 mos

I lost my aunt to Covid yesterday. But to help ease the pain she's reunited with my dad.

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