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TEXT TOPIC: What dumb arguement did you get into with your spouse?

Recently just fought with my boyfriend over playing too much video games. Been together 2 years today and that's an argument not worth the stress.

When I pull the toilet paper out, I pull out a lot of it, and sometimes it touches the floor. So, we get into an argument about it once a week

My husband has been SOO gassy the last couple days. The most rank, loud farts I've ever heard. It pisses me off!!!

argued about where the cat's food dish was. Turned out my son had moved it to a different room.

My husband gets mad that I wash his clothes for him so often. Legit, an argument we just got into

21 weeks pregnant. Got in an argument last week about whether or not I'm too moody and if it's hot already lol

we fought over him using the word "than" it was an off day and in 9 years was bound to happen. It's not "We are going to dinner first THAN we will take the kids to the movie" THAN is a way to compare things, THEN is referring to a time. Finally told him to just use "THEN" anytime he wants to use than. It would be so much better and he uses the "than" reference much less.

hubby got snippy with me about how to "properly" load the dishwasher

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