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TEXT TOPIC: Have you had a one night stand?

I've had three one night stands and I do not regret them because I learned I do not like them so the teaching moment for me

Had one one night stand, guy became super attached - calling and texting constantly, had to block him on everything.

had a one night stand back in school with a cheer leader. She ended up marrying my best friend.

thought he was a 1 night stand. Married 3 years. Expecting baby 2.

Hell NO

All I had was 1 night stands in my 20's, met most of them off a sex website. I even had a kid by a guy who was just supposed to be a sexual thing.

I've had one one night stand years ago. To this day I have no regret and I'd do it again

One of my really good friends has constant one night stands. Got and STD once, regretted it. Keeps doing it. If you do it, get tested, be safe.

never meant to be one night stand. I apparently have hopes It will be more. So had more than I'd like to count

a lot of married men will have one night stands and will use burner phones unfortunately I know first hand

one night stands were normal for me and i hooked up with this guy intending to have one, but he had a different idea. he tried to take me on a date and fell in love with me within a week and i had to break his heart by telling him he was just meant to be a ONS

Lost my virginity to a one night stand at 14(I know I know) I have had a few others but none as memorable as the first. I have been married almost 20 years now so not for a long time.

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