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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

On my radar....White Boy Rick on Netflix.

Just.Ingredients on Instagram

liv_stonez on Instagram

How to fix a drug scandal-netflix

the new Kearns library. The artwork, the create space, the recording studio--its freaking amazing!

Canes chicken coming to South Jordan On June 8th. This place is the bomb!

Game of Thrones.....I'm late to that game! But I'm obsessed!

Untethered Soul!! An absolutely life changing book

at Fiiz both the Persian and the Gusher drinks are AMAZING!

I Love You Always Forever by Betty Who

I am really into diamond painting

Firefly Lane on Netflix! So good!

into local sporting good store in Ogden Savon Sporting Goods. Super friendly helped get my kids baseball gear for this season

And Thats Why We Drink- a paranormal/true crime podcast. So much fun! The mashup I never new I needed! Saw them I'm SLC before covid hit

THERAPY!!! It will change your life if you find a good therapist.

just started watching "Schitts Creek" so hilarious AND I'm listening to "Female Criminals" podcast and it is AMAZING

NPS is two minutes away from my new office, they have a sushi restaurant inside, it's so good! It's called Sumo :)

slim chicken in lehi is my go to

Petals_by_p -New florist on social media but shes been doing it for a min. Just got my wives anniversary bouquet here it was in a pineapple!

frankie you need to watch the documentary Outcry on showtime

Bingham Bakery "sin"amon rolls! I could eat a whole pan, no regerts.

Thirst drinks us a weird obsession I have they have such quality treats and do so much to collab with the community I am addicted

Everyone should watch the social dilemma on netflix, very informative

Asado in orem the best authentic Argentinean food ever

sushi up in orem

cold season 2 justice for Joyce

My friends got me started on "The Vampire Diaries". It's really good and way different than what I thought it'd be. ~DP

BARRIO in downtown SLC! My fiend co owns this taco bar, and they were just featured on the news for small restaurants that you just visit!

The Art of Taking It Easy - reading it has helped me deal better with stress

Unami Japanese BBQ in Vineyard. soooo goood all you can eat for $20. Good for meat lovers!

Omg I am so into fracture me. Now I want to order so many!!

Chrisley Knows Best. What a crazy family. Been binge watching it!

Book, Untruthful Speech. Good from start to finish. Authors originally from Utah. Available on Amazon and Kindle.

this is on my radar eatthismuch .com it's a site that is your personal diet assistant. It's free and good healthy clean eating

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