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TEXT TOPIC: What is a piece of clothing you have that is meaningful?

I have a pair of leggings that have hearts with angel wings that say mom in the middle for my mom who passed in 2018. I never wear them. Rhonda

my Michael Jordan jersey. I've had it since 93-94

I kept a favorite shirt of mine from my late wife tucked away. Brings back good memories.

my sis in law died. Die hard utes fan I'm byu. At her viewing a friend gave me a U shirt to display. I kept it & wear it every year on her bday.

I have my Grams house coat. She wore it every night before she went to bed. If Gram was in her house coat you knew she was done for the day LOL

my son custom painted my work boots. They are so beautiful and I wear them all the time (even though steel toe).

my daughters first soccer jersey or school Tshirts'

I have the sweater my mom was wearing when she checked into the hospital before she passed. It doesn't smell much like keep anymore, but I still wrap myself in it sometimes when I need her.

I carried my stuff around while in foster care in a beauty and the beast bed sheet. That sheet is now a beautiful dress that I got to meet Paige o haira(voice of belle) in ??

have a university of Utah sweater I bought the day I was accepted to medical school.

combat boots, I have been out of the military for almost 8 years now but when I put them on I feel more confident.

My greatGma gave me bag of 70's polyester when I was16, cuz that my style.She died 4yrs later.I still have all& wear 1pink pasly shirt still, I'm 40!

my grandma had a black lace/peach silk dress from her youth in the 20's she gave it to me my mom altered it to fit me

my husbands t shirts... I wear them to bed almost every night

I have my 6 month old grandsons house coat that passed away made into a memory bear

my Golden Eagles jersey..

I have a dress from when I was 5 years old and I got ran over in it and they had to cut it off.

I have my grandpas old tennis Shorts and a couple of shirts.

made blankets out of my parents for my kids and now blankets out of my late hubby's clothes for the grandbabies

my grandparents had "sick blanket" they put on us when we were sick as kids. Have that blanket and keep it in plastic so it still smells like them. Kids love it and the smell is comforting.

I.have an ugly red robe I bought in 1997 that I still.wear. love it. Side note. There is a great Netflix documentary called Worn that talks about this exact subject. It's great

I have a 2 piece traditional clothing from Madagascar. It's my Grandma's. She died 4 months after we left Madagascar and we weren't able to go back. So my aunt sent 2 sets of them to my Mom and my Mom shared one with me. It's called Kisaly and Salovagna. I don't wear it unless I go to Madagascar for family gathering.

I have 3 TRUMP shirts that I bought from Family Stores True Value, and I always wear them out in public, not caring about being criticized for wearing them!

I have a fleece jacket from my mom who passed away 7 years ago I don't wear it! It just hangs in my closet and I see it every time I open that closet and it still smells like her!! I

not my clothing but my first son came early & was in the NICU. I kept his preemie clothes to remember how tiny he was & how blessed we were to bring him home

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