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TEXT TOPIC: What is a movie everyone loves but you haven't seen it?


have never will never see Monty Python.

Hamilton. There are just other movies I would rather see and spend my time watching.

have never seen Avatar and have ZERO desire to everrr see it! Are u kidding me?? Blue people creature things? I don't know. I just can't. LOL!

I've never seen ANY Star Wars movies. Everyone says they are so good but I can't come to it to watch any of them

fight club


Pretty in Pink. Meh. Grew up in this era, but no desire to see it.

any marvel movie

there was so much hype about Napoleon Dynamite. Never seen it don't ever plan on watching it.

Endgame, apparently this was a BIG movie. Not a super hero fan so I passed on it!

The Princess Bride because everyone quotes it and hypes it up so much.

lord of the rings.

Popular movie I probably won't see is 50 shades of gray. We are kinky on our own and don't need to see them, heard they didn't do thing right anyway ;)

the matrix

Indiana Jones series

Top Gun

Harry Potter

DC movies

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