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TEXT TOPIC: Something happened at a certain business, you won't go back?

had to find a new gym after being sexually assaulted at mine. Couldn't even drive past it because of PTSD.

A Restaurant in bountiful. Ran into the guy who I had an affair with my husband with. I was with my husband.

My husband cheated on me. He would go pass the gym (West Jordan) take a picture of it and keep going to his destination...

I had a little cafe I went to took my ex once now he takes his current girlfriend and post pictures of them at their "spot" so annoying

I heard that my ex bf works at my fav gym I frequent. Haven't been since

had a guy who always wanted to work out with me, but he wouldn't work out. He would just talk my ear off. I enjoy working out alone, so I had to switch and go somewhere else. He was nice though.

Went to a store in the mall, the employees were making fun of a bigger woman shopping there. I never went back to that location

i was at the locker room at this gym and this guy out of nowhere started to yell at me and call me a fag... etc and he was very aggressive i tried to get help from the manager and i called the police when the guy came out he told the police i called him the N word (i would never do that) the manager was an a hole i never went back there

had to switch banks because the banker kept asking me if I had spoken to my husband about making decisions on my accounts. He did not even care what I thought

quit going to my gym of 10 yrs. The last time I went I had lost a ton of weight. Quit going, then covid happened, I've gained everything back plus some (covid 30) I want to go back to the gym but too embarrassed because of my weight gain

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