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TEXT TOPIC: It's PAT!! What is your Passive Aggressive Text?

mom I know your grieving that dad passed but it doesn't mean you have to tell me you're gonna die next year! You're destroying my mental state

hey dr, when I have a concern, don't be dismissive and act like I'm crazy. Bye beotch, I'm finding a better doctor.

watch for motorcycles and put your distractions down when driving.. don't be stupid.

people who were watering their lawns already last week. It's too early AND we are already in a drought this year!! Let's be considerate!

Get out of the fast lane, you're not the speed keeper making sure nobody goes over 75-80

Stop thinking Im the problem with your childs anger. She has disorders and needs help.

dear Utah idiots, it snows every single year in April, May, and sometimes June! Get over it

you left your kids years ago and have never been there for your daughter. Why try to start being there now?

you need to stop posting toxic quotes on fb. Nobody cares about the drama. You are only pissing off more people

Learn better bedside manner. When I told u my gpa passed this weekend and u left an awkward silence.. really Sarah? Get a new job.

husbands ex sent son bare foot on Easter becAuse she didn't want him to take his new shoes! Seriously?

Saying "you don't look pregnant just fat" is NOT A COMPLIMENT when I'm you know I'm 18 weeks pregnant! It's rude!

stop with your backhanded compliments, I get that you thought I'd fail but "praising" me for surprising YOU is NOT okay

Don't tell me you need me to work late to get this project done just so that it can sit untouched on your desk for days.

Having a breast augmentation is not the same thing as having reconstruction from a double mastectomy. When people compare the two, it's very difficult.

hey dumbass targeting the Asian at the gas pump, YOUR CAR IS ASIAN. STFU. (Yep, I said that out loud to him and he shut up)

Hey mother in law. You cant say racist things and then deny being racist

Where do you enter a drive through on the right?? No where in the US!!! Where do you enter through a DO NOT ENTER lane?? Where has common sense gone???


control your insecurities. Just because I'm talking with your peer doesn't mean I'm talking about you.

will you just quit your job so I can be promoted? You constantly throwing people under the bus and waste company money is getting OLD

Hubby & I lost weight! Da bitch just complimented him and not me. It's obvious you noticed I lost 30+ lbs. glad I made you jealous again!

to my FIL I get that you don't like our new house or the new neighborhood, but get over it. It's our house and we love it. Just stop coming over if it bothers you so much.

hey Dad, I've been a diabetic for 29 years. When your own blood sugars are over 600 and I tell you I'm concerned don't laugh and say if I die, I die. It hurts you don't care

To the biological father of my child: stop complaining on Facebook about having to pay child support and only acknowledging that you have one child, you have two, your actions have consequences!!! Thanks for leaving me at 5 months pregnant, deal with your problems.

Hey patients stop swearing at and abusing nurses and staff. We don't control your doctor or the fact that you haven't cared about ur health until its bad

My neighbors kids are out of control. I find them staring through my front windows looking for us! They now scale the back fence and find us when we are playing in the back to avoid them. They don't get it. She My neighbors kids are out of control. I find them staring through my front windows looking for us! They now scale the back fence and find us when we are playing in the back to avoid them. They don't get it.

Telling me I look super skinny because I haven't been eating right after my dad died. My future mother in law said it ????

Just because you hate me, don't ignore your grand kids. They are of age you see how you treat them and in the end you will regret it

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