TEXT TOPIC: What do you want to cancel about your past?

cancel my first marriage please, such a waist of my time. Total narcissist

my whole self from 9th-12th grade. Ignorant, bratty, insensitive to other people, made comments I'm ashamed of. And I was too obsessed with having a BF.

I'd cancel having kids at 21, until I was at least 26 or 27, but only if I could still get the same kids just later.

Husband died cuz I didn't take him to the hospital the day he died. He died of liver failure due to alcohol yet not sure things would be different if I did.

me and my cousin use to steal cars when we was around 13 or 14 yrs old and thinking back wish we would never had done that cause who knows what personal stuff they had going on if that was there only car just messed up

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