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TEXT TOPIC: What did you find on the side of the road?

found a vibrator in the middle of the trail that I run on every morning! Still wonder what that was all about!

We found a nice construction bag full of tools, it must've fallen out of someone's truck, we tried finding the owner to no avail, great tools for us :)

When I was 14 my friends and I were playing in the woods by my house and found a bag of snakes. 6 or 7 snakes in the bag!

I was doing a cross country run, found a huge bag of weed. Someone must have been getting rid of it before they got pulled over.

My fam and I were on a road trip to Oregon a couple years ago. Boys needed to go pee, stopped, they found furry handcuffs and panties.

Backpack full of playboys

driving down 7800 s and there was a huge dildo in the road. Me and my bestie laughed so hard. We stopped to take a pic but the the kids queued up on us asking what it was and why we were laughing so hard. We drove off, it was gone when we came home.

found... a brand new fireman's axe. Right on the side of the road like it fell out of a truck? We picked it up, not wanting kids to get a hold of it. Checked lost and found pages for days, no one ever posted of losing one

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