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TEXT TOPIC: Never have I ever! What haven't you done?

I still haven't flown a plane, I just have always driven to wherever we have gone.

I haven't been to a strip club yet even though I've been invited so many times by my buddies.

never have I ever had car sex. still trying to get my husband on board.

never been skiing. Born and raised in Utah.

never have I ever been skinny dipping

Never have I ever... been married- I’m 43

never actually had Nutella . I love hazelnut I've just never had the urge to but it or try it lol

Never have I ever seen a Marvel movie.... And my cousin even draws for them in his comic books

never have I ever been to the arches, zions or Bryce Canyon born and raised in Utah

never have I broke a bone 46 yo, seen Harry Potter, lord of rings, twilight

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