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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

Modest molly clothing store

Jailbirds –netflix

Country ever after – Netflix

How to fix a drug scandal – Netflix

Big City Greens – Disney

Vikings on Hulu

The Bullshead grill – logan

a cooling/heating mattress pad called a chilipad. The best nights sleep I've ever had and you don't wake up hot!

how to do the work book, by Nicole pera

I am obsessed with uncomfortable conversations with a black man on YouTube.

Lupin, it's a show on Netflix!--Lupin is a show from France, it follows a man name Assane and he's a master thief. Kind of similar to oceans 11, but better

Vessel Kitchen! So yummy and I still feel good about myself after eating there.

I am binge watching Ink Master right now...can I just say Dave Navarro is one hot hunk of a man! Lol

just finished a docu-series Wild Wild Country

Dream Home Makeover on Netflix. It's a local couple that help decorate new and old rooms/homes. It's fun to see local cities on TV and they amazing jobs!!

chungas on 180 south 900 west Best Mexican food in utah

Saved by the bell on peacock

Love watching Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Crank Gameplays on YouTube. For those who know: Memento Mori.

watching the nature shows on Discovery+ narrated by David Attenborough with my 5 year old son

PARKING WARS. It's hilarious to watch people get made for getting parking tickets, boots, and towed.

localfluence offers deals for local businesses like vessel kitchen #supportlocal

into watching Netflix The series Turn.

Emilias in west haven. Best Mexican food! Highly recommend them

Renegades: born in the USA with Obama and Springstein

American Idol, liahona from Utah is so amazing!! I'm hooked!

Mayans on Hulu

the podcast LORE. It dives into urban legends and creepy true stories throughout history.

the author Brandon Sanderson... epic sci-fi fantasy

cult podcast, funny and knowledgeable

Imagined Life podcast. "Each episode guides listeners on an immersive journey through the surprising moments and challenges that shaped someones life before they were famous. Clues about your identity are dropped along the way, but only at the end will you learn who you are."

The Dinner Detective Mystery Show @ the Hilton downtown. It was so funny and loads of fun. Great for a date night or friends night out. Can't wait to do it again. Have a great day guys! Brycen??

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