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TEXT TOPIC: What is your spouse banned from?

my husband should be banned from door dash! my God, I swear my doorbell rings three times a day

hubby needs to be banned from jerkey. It makes him so gassy!!!!

my husband has banned me from urban dictionary. I think it's hilarious, he does not.

I'm banned from church basketball...I always come back broken

I'm also banned from watching hockey at home. Apparently yelling and screaming at the TV scares the neighbors.

My husband has banned me from cutting blocks of cheese because I destroy it and also from opening bags because I destroy those too haha

Hubby is banned from using my tool sets, he never puts pieces back and I am always missing parts!!

banned from making Mac and cheese! He mixes everything in a strainer!!

My hubby and I both Amazon. I'm pretty sure they're at our house everyday!

Husband banned me from Redbox. For the life of me I can't ever return them in time!

my husband should be banned from Amazon... he is worse than a girl! Lol

my husband is banned from going grocery shopping with me! he's always in a hurry and i like to take my time

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