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TEXT TOPIC: What didn't you like as a kid but now you love as an adult?

I used to not like hot sauce but now I need hot sauce on everything

hated documentaries as a kid - now I can't get enough!



black licorice

Sour cream. I hated it!!! Now I smother everything in it.

used to hate HGTV. That's all I watch now. Now I'm pursuing interior design as a profession

waking up early hate it as kid and now I feel more productive when I get early start. Just love it!

HATED mushrooms as a kid. Now I feel like I've missed out my whole life can't get enough

hated cilantro. And Mexican food. Now I love all the food.

Clam chowder

I'm with Frankie. Hated Brussel sprouts as a kid but these days they fry those suckers up in bacon and butter and they're delicious!

hated eggs forever. When I was pregnant I craved eggs and love them now!

Hated garlic as a kid, my dad put it in EVERYTHING. Now at 34 I can't get enough of it

cheese on my hamburgers

use to hate Alka seltzer as a kid but now it's good ??

avocado! I used to hate them and totally obsessed with them as an adult

hated onions as a kid now I eat it every day.

Zucchini and squash of all kinds. Would literally gag and puke, now I love them and grow them.

over easy eggs, ( runny) starting to like them at 42

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