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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have an illegal hustle?

I sell pictures of my feet and sell my underwear online to pay for school. Going to school to be a dermatologist.

I'm 99% sure my neighbors r drug dealers. They have cameras in odd places, 5 pit bulls & cars coming & going, it's a super nice home & they don't go to work

I'm in college and I take pictures of my notes and test answers and post them online for money.

I have 3 sugar daddies. I'm 28 and single. I have a sexual relationship with one of the SD, the other 2 is just for companionship.

I quit my full time job, and just focus on the relationships. They pay me $500 just to go to lunch.

One of them just took me to Puerto Rico and paid for the whole thing.

They all know about each other too, and are okay with is

One of them is my age, but the other two, one of them is 55 and the other is 42. I have sex with the one that is 42.

The one that is 42 is a Well Known Dentist, the one that is 55 is the CEO of an insurance company, and the one that is 28 owns a social media company.

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