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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Agressive text?

please concern yourself with you family issues instead of picking mine apart. You're fam has way more

Mother! Want to know why I don’t come to your house? It is so damn cluttered and overwhelming!

I know right people just keep applying makeup in their cars like what are you doing

Subaru outback drivers, tamp down on that crazy full moon, spring fever driving!

Did you ever think I enjoy being single? Stop pushing dating and relationships on people. Some people are genuinely okay with it and want it that way!

ur cigarette change u. U happy when u have them. N not when u don't. Not going to help u kill your self anymore.

to my baby daddy. You really suck!

After 6 years and 2 kids I'd think you'd want to finally propose instead of spend your money on a card game. Tired of it

why can't you just tell me what your plans are for the holiday co-parenting with you is exhausting

Stop blaming my kid for your kids Crap and making excuses for your kid to be a Jackass.

To all the girls I work with, QUIT stealing my pens from my desk! I bought them for ME, get your own!!

please realize I can't do anything but transfer your call, IM JUST THE OPERATOR! I DO NOT have any capabilities to look anything up or solve your problem.

it's softball patents get a grip! No one will be handing out scholarships after the game! RELAX we're not meeting you in the parking lot!

To the message about co-parenting It goes both ways Start changing weekend at the last minute

Carman bledsoe stop using your old number that I've now had for over 4 years for your online crap and bill collectors.

Hey walmart grocery pickup... I checked NO SUBSTITUTIONS. Not cool to sub items with no notice.

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