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TEXT TOPIC: What is causing you to lose sleep?

I'm being laid off of my job of 14 1/2 years in June!!

My PTSD from Afghanistan has returned with a vengeance. In desperate search for another service dog so that I can sleep again.

I lose sleep over thinking about death. Especially of a loved one which is called Thantophobia.

keeping me up is the fact that we can't get a house because of all the people coming in from California with cash and we can't compete

my wife and I are working on the surrogacy process so we can have our first child and it has been effecting our sleep and emotions.

my thoughts and the footwork upstairs but mainly stress from work I'm shooting for a promotion never done that line of work so fingers crossed.

my boss accidentally disqualified me from interviewing for my dream job and he is working on rectifying the situation.

Going through cancer treatments since January. Every two weeks. Six more treatments to go.

the vaccine. People keep telling me scary stories of the affects. I'm worried

my boss will not take my sexual harassment claims seriously. It stresses me out so the point where I have nightmares about it

Being in physical pain for hours. Most nights I put off going to bed in fear of the pain.

my son has the night terrors and sleep walks also! Plus i am a single mom so my 5 year daughter sleeps with me. Plus my relationship

I have a nightmare disorder and sometimes sleep paralysis. Biggest cause is stress.

relationship/marriage to caregiver role

Being on new medicine that is making very sick , and has lots of possible side effects

I can't sleep because I'm in a state where I don't feel my black and bi racial children are accepted and understood

what's keeping me up... waiting For tests results to see if my husband has cancer or not. Any day now....

nervous about having to let go of my first employee. Also have relationship issues right now and I think its causing ptsd

my husband and I have a small business. But my parents continue to support major corporations. Uugghh

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