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TEXT TOPIC: What toys and games were unsafe for kids back in the day?

real darts. My cousin would make us run around my grandparents yard and use us as human dart boards

as a kid my brother and I had the socker boopers, basically inflatable boxing gloves, don't see those around much

I played with mercury as a kid

Red rover was brutal!

teeter-totter/sea-saw a lot of broken tailbones and back injuries

Wood burning kit! Burning Letters and pictures into the world as well as on your fingers, was always a blast!

definitely Jarts, the steel tipped lawn darts. My cousin caught one in the head and had to have surgery.

you would get the mercury by breaking open an oral thermometer and Roll it around in your hand

sling shots. Mine came with metal balls!

the birthday spanking line! Just loved to crawl under peoples legs as they smacked my butt so hard! Harder slap the better! Won't see that today!

moon shoes. Also had a friend with a glass eye from darts.

BB guns

grew up with Kinder eggs. Then the USA finally got them and I was stoked. Then kids started swallowing the toys & they got banned.

pick up sticks!

Skip its! They had a weight on the end and you attached it to your ankle. You used momentum to swing it around and jump over it with your other foot. Who knows how many shattered ankles there were because of these?

creepy crawlers. Metal mold to make little squishy bugs. It got very hot

OMG this list, I had so many! My parents would be mortified. Slip-n-slide, Easy Bake, Lawn Darts, candy cigarettes. My dad pulled us behind the car on an inner tube in snowy streets, so dangerous!

the entire 80's McDonalds playground.

candy cigarettes gum shaped like a cigarette covered in paper and sugar that would mimic the smoke when you blew on it the sugar would fill the air.

my son broke a tooth with the magnets. His sisters told him to put one inside his mouth and one on his cheek to see if they would stick.

skip its. RIP to my ankles

What about lawn darts? Have you mentioned those??

I learned how to drive a tractor when I was four. I was allowed to drive the tractor as by myself when I was about 5. Scary.

hooking inner tubes on the back of a car or van and being towed in the snow around the neighborhood

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